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Two of a Kind
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Two of a Kind

. . - . . . -

Agnes leaned on the horn. She caught the eyes of the driver in the car ahead of her as he looked into his rear view mirror.

He raised his hand, flipping her the bird.

She tapped out F U in Morse code on the horn, the only useful skill remaining from all her years teaching civil defense in the fifties.

Young people today have no respect for the elderly.

. . - . . - - -

Eric slammed on his breaks. The woman behind him leaned on her horn.

It’s a red light, lady.

He looked into his rearview mirror and exchanged glares with a Blue-Hair, barely able to see over her wheel.

Eric flipped the bird.

Damned if she didn’t honk, spelling F U.

Where’d she learn Morse Code?

He beeped U 2., glad he remembered something from his years as an Eagle Scout.

(c) 2005 Miriam N. Kotzin. "Two of a Kind" was published in Defenestration, September, 2005.