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Miriam Kotzin
I teach literature  and creative writing at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA USA where I am Director of the Certificate Program in Writing and Publishing.  I also serve as advisor to Maya, the student literary magazine.

My poetry has been published in a number of print magazines, among them: The Iron Horse Literary Review, The Painted Bride Quarterly,  Boulevard (where I am a contributing editor), The Mid-American Review, The Southern Humanities Review, Pulpsmith, and Confrontation.

Online my poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Small Spiral Notebook,  Drexel Online Journal, the Vocabula Review, Three Candles,  the Poetry Super Highway, For Poetry.com., Word Riot, The Front Street Review, Open Wide, Segue, edificeWRECKED!, Shampoo, Eclectica, FRiGG, Flashquake, Circle Magazine, Branches, Plum Ruby Review, Gator Springs Gazette, Blaze, The Green Tricycle, Riverbabble,  MAG:  Muse Apprentice Guild, Mini Mag,
Snow Monkey, Maverick Magazine, Poetry Niederngasse, Carnelian and Valparaiso Poetry Review.

My short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in ELF:  Eclectic Literary Forum (print) and online in Slow Trains, Smoke Long Quarterly, Littoral, Storied World, The Glut, Toasted Cheese, SaucyVox, The Beat, Southern Ocean Review and Xaxx.